UK Student Visa Interview Tips for Indians

The United Kingdom houses highly prestigious institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, University of Edinburgh and many others. With advanced infrastructure and best educational facility, United Kingdom attracts a lot of international students. The United Kingdom is a favored destination for all students and International students need to apply for a tier 4 UK Student Visa before getting admitted to any institution.

For all the academic courses, UK Study Visa for the allotted time period of the course is mandatory. And, to attain this UK Study Visa one needs to go through the Visa interview. The interview is a crucial process where a student needs to answer concisely to achieve the UK Student Visa. The few Interview tips that a student needs to remember is as follows:

The top 5 questions that will be asked in the UK Home Office for tier 4 UK Student Visa are:

  • Visa Officers would love to know how you found the university. (Here, you have to give all the research you had done before choosing your preferred university. Your reasons should justify your choice of enrolling into the course of that university).
  • How will this course help you to shape up your future? (Talk about the prospect of your course, how is it going to bring a change to the society)
  • What pay package are you expecting after completion of this course? (Since you will be investing a lot for your course, the visa officials would like to know your return on investment of your course plan).
  • The visa officials can present the UK map in front of you and ask you to locate your university.
  • Where do you plan to stay during the study? (It is always advisable to book a student accommodation hostel or any place of stay with the university. This proves you have a genuine intention to go there and study and facilitates the process of UK Student Visa).

    Important points to remember for UK Study Visa Interview:

  • Collect as much as information possible about your university to answer any random and unexpected questions.
  • Learn about your course thoroughly including the basic curriculum and the assessments or examination procedures.
  • Be aware of your funding association or the individual who is financing you. You must know every detail including monthly and annual income.
  • Know the weekly rent that you need to pay for your accommodation along with any other details if required.

    Why did you choose the UK for your study?

The most basic question asked in the interview for UK Student Visa, is this question. You should know why you want to study in the UK and not in your own country. Also, you should be aware of why you chose UK instead of USA, Canada or Australia where many international students go for studying.


Top 4 Tips You Need to Know before applying for UK Student Visa

Why did you choose this particular University/College?

The answer to this question is one of the major interview tips which you need to know by heart before going for the interview of UK study Visa. A few related questions may also be asked.

  • Which are the other institutions you shortlisted before settling on this one?
  • From which source you found this institute?
  • Where is your university/college located?
  • The course you chose, how is it related to your education by far?
  • What qualification will you achieve on completing this course?
  • How do you explain the gaps in your career (if any)?
  • What’s the duration of your course?
  • Approximately, what’s the area of your institute?

    Awareness of the module of the course. What are they?

  • Do you know the assessment of your course?
  • Did you choose any other course before this?
  • What facilities are you expecting from this institution?
  • Are you planning to shift to any other institute after course completion?
  • Is your course having any professional recognition? If yes, then what?

    Do you need assistance in finding accommodation?

  • Are you aware of the accommodation expense?
  • Is any other expense involved in the accommodation fee?
  • Do you understand the student responsibilities under tier 4 UK Study Visa?

    Interview tips for possible questions to assess financial viability:

  • Who is sponsoring your education?
  • Why are they sponsoring you?
  • Do you have any evidence to support the sponsorship?
  • Will you be capable of paying your entire tuition fees?
  • Are you aware of the refund policy?

    Working in the United Kingdom:

  • Are you eligible to work part-time in the UK with the UK student Visa?
  • How much will your accommodation cost?
  • How many hours will you be allowed to work?
  • What will your living expense be?
  • What is the hourly pay likely to be?


The UK is not only meant for academics but also promises an excellent social life for holistic development of students. Keeping all these interview tips in mind, a student will surely qualify the visa interview for UK Student Visa. If you are looking for UK study Visa from Radvision World Consultancy you can find it on

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