Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)  – The Easiest Province to Immigrate to Canada

Provincial Nominee program is actually a kind of immigration program which makes it possible for any region or province around Canada to accept immigrants who might be appropriate for the labor market or the economy. There are various PNP programs available and anyone who would like to immigrate and settle down can do so by applying to the respective PNP programs. Each and every province has its own criteria and has a different set of requirements as well. This is why the process of application and the criteria keeps differing. However, each of this has their own kind of permanent residence program for their particular province.

Who is it for?

This PNP program is not similar to that of the Canada Immigration program. Based on the different PNP programs, there are some relaxations which might be applicable for an applicant. Hence, one would have the liberty to choose a province if they want to settle. There might not be any compulsion of a job offer. In case someone gets selected by a particular PNP program then he/she might be capable of applying further for permanent residency in Canada.

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How does it work?

There are two kinds of paths which are required for a particular PNP program. This program is for a particular province in Canada. The first step would be to choose a particular province and then apply for the PNP program. After the application are reviewed further processing takes place. After selection, a nomination letter is provided by the province. Now based on your nomination, you will be able to apply for permanent residency in that particular place.

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What’s the advantage?

Some of the common benefits of the Canada PNP program are as follows:

● One can choose a particular province to settle down as per choice

● There is no mandatory requirement for a job.

● One would get points allocated for the training work.

● There are no troubles or a headache in choosing a pool, etc.

There are some of the most common ways one can apply for the PNP program.

It is also possible to register via Express entry and make way to the entry pool. Once your profile is selected by any province one will get an invitation to get close to the program associated with the province. Once done you would become eligible for permanent residency visa depending on the nomination program.

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How long does it take?

The Express entry stream of PNP is related to the federal entry system. As per the program, different Canadian provinces can apply and select their own candidates to enter the pool and including notifying them of the program details. The entire process would take some time to be perfectly completed.

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Provincial Nominee Programs Canada is much better and has many advantages over other forms of applications and processes. There are a lot many advantages as already discussed along with the procedure of applying. Though the procedure is not difficult, it is rather much convenient to be applied.

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