Latest Changes In Canada Provincial Nominee Program 2019

Canada is among the major immigration destination that attracts people from all over the world. The liberal policies changes in recent years have made it easy for people to move to Canada.

People prefer moving to Canada because of friendly immigrant communities, vast employment opportunities and the existence of liberal living environment. When you receive a nomination from the Canadian government, you are given a chance to apply for permanent residency through a federal system called Express Entry (EE).

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) is another option you can use if you cannot get through with the Express Entry. Manitoba is one of the best among the PNPs, many people prefer moving to Manitoba because of better opportunities.

In recent years, Canada has improved their PNPs with several policies and changes that have made it easier for people to move to their provinces.

I will take you through the changes that have been put in place:

1. New Express Entry Aligned Streams

Canada is trying to deal with labor shortages in the country, some provinces have taken this issue into their own hands. This province s have introduced their forms of entry streams so that they can improve their Provincial Nomination programs.

Manitoba province introduced Manitoba Human Capital Pathway, and Nova Scotia has Labor Market Priorities Stream which has helped in the selection of the nominees.

2. PNP Live Tracker Tool

This is an extraordinary new device that enables you to discover streams that match your experience and circumstances. You can freely channel your territory and occupation regardless of the availability of vocational offers.

This has made it easier for you to search for the work that suits you without much struggle.

3. Lower Comprehensive Ranking system(CRS) Requirement

Comprehensive ranking system minimum requirements have been changed and linked to Human Capital Priorities Immigration stream. Initially, the minimum required score was 400, stating that the future scores will be determined by the directors.

It has been lowered to 350 scores aiming at the applicants with valid job offers and another for the French speakers who have Canadian language benchmark.

4. Shift To The Express Of Interest (EOI) System

Some provinces have shifted to the EOI system .this system dictates that you must send your application to the province that you are interested in moving to. If you meet the requirements, then the province will invite you to apply for Provincial Nomination.


Canada provincial nominee programs have been undergoing changes in recent years to improve their immigration systems. Different streams have been put in place to ease the entry into Canada for people to access the opportunities that suit their experiences and circumstances.

The changes in recent years include the following, the lowering of CRS minimum requirements, shift to EOI system, new Express streams, and the life tracker tool. These changes have helped the immigrants to make their applications easily and also get employment opportunities in the Canadian provinces.

They are called upon to apply for provincial nomination and they can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Do you want to stay updated with the Canadian immigration changes? Keep in touch with the experts in nationwide immigration to get more about the latest changes.

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