Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents for Obtaining Australia PR


Australia, with its unlimited career growth opportunities and a great living standard, is attracting immigrants from all over the world. Australia has a thriving immigrant community which contributes massively to the development of the country. Immigrants in Australia have had a major role to play in its consistent growth. With their experience and efficiency, they not only contribute towards the economic growth of the country as well as growth. As moving to Australia is in vogue lots of immigrants prefers Australia for higher studies and settle with work.

The growing amount of competition for immigrating to developed countries has made it difficult for many to move to Australia. For acquiring Australia PR visa successfully the eligibility criteria should be met. Knowledge about the relevant documents required is beneficial while filing the visa process. Hence, before applying make sure you know everything about the procedure and the requirements.
Some of these requirements have been mentioned below:

Requirements for Australia PR

Be wise when choosing the Immigration Program

For whatever reason you may want to apply for Australia PR, you need to know the eligibility criteria and the different paths you can take. Every country offers different immigration programs that are geared towards bringing in immigrants on basis of different criteria. You must select the immigration program that meets your requirements along with the one that is the easiest for you. This is an imperative part of all the immigrants who are planning to move to Australia.

Select an Occupation

Every year, a Skilled Occupation List is released by the Australian immigration authorities. The list contains all the occupations for which applications will be accepted. After doing this, you’ll be able to apply for immigration without any prior nomination. Even nomination by states requires that you have relevant knowledge and experience in the occupation mentioned on their SOL. You can find the SOL for each state separately on the immigration website. You can choose your relevant SOL that suits your profile.

Collect all Required Documents

On Australia’s immigration website, you can find a pdf that lists all the required documents for a given immigration program. Make sure that you have all of these documents with you before applying. Once the application process starts, it becomes quite difficult for the applicant to procure documents that they may have lost. If a required document isn’t attached to the application or the original isn’t provided during the immigration interview, then your application will be rejected. So it is recommended to have all the relevant and authentic papers and documents to avoid the chances of visa refusal. Follow these 6 tips that will ensure approval of your Australian visa application.

Apply for a Job

Australia’s immigration programs have a point based system in which each candidate is ranked against the others on the basis of points. The more points you, the probability to obtain the Australian PR is high. To acquire more points, you need to fulfill certain criteria. One of the easiest ways to garner more points is to simply get a job in Australia. You can apply for a job as per your field and experience. Your employer will be able to nominate you for a visa. If the sponsorship is from Australian employer the visa processing hastens and gets approves relatively quicker. Also, if you’re an expert in a particular field, then things will be a lot easier for you. Knowing your expertise and applying the same helps to get things smoother.

How Can We Help?

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