Consult the Best Immigration Consultants of Delhi

Let’s involve little mathematics to explain the topic.

Delhi has a population density of more than 11,000 people per Km, sq. Do you find that number of people in your surroundings? If you do not, then there would be some other place with more than 11,000 people in a radius of 1km. At least this is how mathematics works.23 lakh apply for 368 peon post in UP. Just think about that. A staggering amount of candidates, some of them holding a Ph.D. Doesn’t all of this make you nauseous. Each and every occupation in Delhi is meeting with a similar ordeal. The high amount of competition mixed with lower wage rate is bringing people to their wit’s end.

In such a scenario, immigration consultants play a very imperative role. Countries like Canada, Australia etc. are witnessing a shortage of skilled workers. Canadian authorities are trying to ease the immigration process by working their fingers to the bone. The score for Comprehensive ranking system is going downhill and with this the number of ITAs (Invitation to Apply) are going uphill. John Mccallum has also hinted that the immigration criteria for international students are to be relaxed in the future.

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