Australian Skilled Immigration Subclasses – Things You Must Know

Australian Skilled Immigration Subclasses

A recent study has indicated that Australia takes far more immigrants than any other developed country with fewer restrictions even after changes in immigration policies which was amended last year. Census conducted showed an increase in Australian Population to 25 million- immigrants being a big contributor.

With proper skills in the work environment Australian Skilled Immigration, Skilled Immigration Subclasses gives you the opportunity to own a visa and gain legality to be in a state of your dreams.

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)-For non-sponsors

This Visa is suitable if your employer does not sponsor you and you got the skills. If you get lucky and you are invited to apply for this visa; based on the claims and your interests – You and your family can have the opportunity to stay in Australia as long as you want. Also, your family members can also be guaranteed to work here in Australia.

Even though submission of the application takes almost 60 days, the rewards are amazing! You have the opportunity to study in Australia, enroll in Medicare, have access to social security payments and can be given an opportunity to sponsor your family with permanent residency when you apply for citizenship. Continue reading “Australian Skilled Immigration Subclasses – Things You Must Know”

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents for Obtaining Australia PR


Australia, with its unlimited career growth opportunities and a great living standard, is attracting immigrants from all over the world. Australia has a thriving immigrant community which contributes massively to the development of the country. Immigrants in Australia have had a major role to play in its consistent growth. With their experience and efficiency, they not only contribute towards the economic growth of the country as well as growth. As moving to Australia is in vogue lots of immigrants prefers Australia for higher studies and settle with work.

The growing amount of competition for immigrating to developed countries has made it difficult for many to move to Australia. For acquiring Australia PR visa successfully the eligibility criteria should be met. Knowledge about the relevant documents required is beneficial while filing the visa process. Hence, before applying make sure you know everything about the procedure and the requirements.
Some of these requirements have been mentioned below: Continue reading “Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents for Obtaining Australia PR”