Latest Changes In Canada Provincial Nominee Program 2019

Latest Changes In Canada Provincial Nominee Program 2019

Canada is among the major immigration destination that attracts people from all over the world. The liberal policies changes in recent years have made it easy for people to move to Canada.

People prefer moving to Canada because of friendly immigrant communities, vast employment opportunities and the existence of liberal living environment. When you receive a nomination from the Canadian government, you are given a chance to apply for permanent residency through a federal system called Express Entry (EE).

Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) is another option you can use if you cannot get through with the Express Entry. Manitoba is one of the best among the PNPs, many people prefer moving to Manitoba because of better opportunities.

In recent years, Canada has improved their PNPs with several policies and changes that have made it easier for people to move to their provinces.

I will take you through the changes that have been put in place:

1. New Express Entry Aligned Streams

Canada is trying to deal with labor shortages in the country, some provinces have taken this issue into their own hands. This province s have introduced their forms of entry streams so that they can improve their Provincial Nomination programs.

Manitoba province introduced Manitoba Human Capital Pathway, and Nova Scotia has Labor Market Priorities Stream which has helped in the selection of the nominees.

2. PNP Live Tracker Tool

This is an extraordinary new device that enables you to discover streams that match your experience and circumstances. You can freely channel your territory and occupation regardless of the availability of vocational offers.

This has made it easier for you to search for the work that suits you without much struggle.

3. Lower Comprehensive Ranking system(CRS) Requirement

Comprehensive ranking system minimum requirements have been changed and linked to Human Capital Priorities Immigration stream. Initially, the minimum required score was 400, stating that the future scores will be determined by the directors.

It has been lowered to 350 scores aiming at the applicants with valid job offers and another for the French speakers who have Canadian language benchmark.

4. Shift To The Express Of Interest (EOI) System

Some provinces have shifted to the EOI system .this system dictates that you must send your application to the province that you are interested in moving to. If you meet the requirements, then the province will invite you to apply for Provincial Nomination.


Canada provincial nominee programs have been undergoing changes in recent years to improve their immigration systems. Different streams have been put in place to ease the entry into Canada for people to access the opportunities that suit their experiences and circumstances.

The changes in recent years include the following, the lowering of CRS minimum requirements, shift to EOI system, new Express streams, and the life tracker tool. These changes have helped the immigrants to make their applications easily and also get employment opportunities in the Canadian provinces.

They are called upon to apply for provincial nomination and they can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Do you want to stay updated with the Canadian immigration changes? Keep in touch with the experts in nationwide immigration to get more about the latest changes.

7 Benefits of Singapore Permanent Residents (PR)


7 Benefits of Singapore Permanent Residence (PR)

Singapore is a thriving economy with more than 5.3 Million and has a high per capita income. Permanent residence in this country is a dream that every individual will dream of. How does one obtain permanent residence (PR)? If you have worked in Singapore for at least six months and possess current work pass, then you are eligible to apply for permanent residence status.
Obtaining permanent residence allows you to enjoy many rights and benefits that are almost similar to those given to full citizens.

Here are the top 7 befits of Singapore PR:

1. Career stability

As a PR in Singapore, there’s no need for you to reapply work permit whenever you change your job. it is quite risky and frantic when the government rejects your new work pass application since it leaves with the option of leaving the country.
A PR will not have such risks as they can switch their jobs easily without the need to apply for a new work pass.

2. Central Provident Fund Plan (CPF)

Employers must contribute to the employers a percentage of 16-17 % of the monthly salary of their employees who are PR.
These funds can be used in selected reserves and in case you renounce your residence or it lapses then you can withdraw the accumulated funds freely. Central Provident Funds also allows one to enjoy tax reliefs.

3. Immigration stability

Permanent residents can live, leave or enter Singapore without the need to apply for separate visas. You will be issued with a Blue card which will act as your identity card. A dependent or a spouse of a PR and full citizens can enjoy long term visits.

4. Low housing costs

A PR is entitled a lower stamp duty and can purchase an affordable property. Compared to foreigners you will pay half the stamp duty fee, whereas citizens pay even less than what a PR pays for to purchase a property.

5. Medical Health Care

The governments provide health subsidies; the number of subsidies depends on the salary that a PR earns. Permanent residents have saving schemes such as that helps them in offsetting the medical bills.

6. Education Benefits

As a PR your children pay lower fees compared to foreigners. You can access the Singaporean system and you can upgrade your knowledge as well and get a better job.PR children also receive priority in placement in government primary and secondary schools.

7. Business Benefits

A PR can start a business without the need for a local representative. You can access loans for capital easily since you are considered more trustworthy. There are also fewer regulations imposed on permanent residents.


Getting permanent residence in Singapore is the best thing that you can get. Being a PR in this country comes with a lot of benefits and at the same time, the laws of the country are executed in a proper way to favor all citizens and foreigners. With PR you can live as long as you want and at the same time, you can enter and leave the country with fewer conditions being imposed.

Australian Skilled Immigration Subclasses – Things You Must Know

Australian Skilled Immigration Subclasses

A recent study has indicated that Australia takes far more immigrants than any other developed country with fewer restrictions even after changes in immigration policies which was amended last year. Census conducted showed an increase in Australian Population to 25 million- immigrants being a big contributor.

With proper skills in the work environment Australian Skilled Immigration, Skilled Immigration Subclasses gives you the opportunity to own a visa and gain legality to be in a state of your dreams.

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)-For non-sponsors

This Visa is suitable if your employer does not sponsor you and you got the skills. If you get lucky and you are invited to apply for this visa; based on the claims and your interests – You and your family can have the opportunity to stay in Australia as long as you want. Also, your family members can also be guaranteed to work here in Australia.

Even though submission of the application takes almost 60 days, the rewards are amazing! You have the opportunity to study in Australia, enroll in Medicare, have access to social security payments and can be given an opportunity to sponsor your family with permanent residency when you apply for citizenship.

Skilled-Nominated (Subclass 190)

To qualify for this Visa, you need to first submit an expression showing your interests through Skillselect after which you will be invited if you are selected.

For you to own this visa, you have to be nominated by the Australian state or territory. The benefits that come with this visa are almost the same when owning visa subclass 189; ability to apply for Australian citizenship, your family can have permanent residence, access to social security payments and a chance to work permanently in Australia.

Apply Now for Australian PR

The only difference is that you have to work in the state that nominated you for not less than two years and keeping them informed of any changes that you would like address thereafter is necessary.

Graduate Temporary (Subclass 485) Visa

If you have studied in Australia or maybe you are planning to; you should be informed that you can have a temporary visa which can be categorized in two ways that are if;

You are in for postgraduate work
This Visa gives an opportunity to international students to stay from 18 months up to 4 years after completing their bachelor’s degree. That means if you want to enroll for a master’s program, a research project or maybe you secured a job then it is good for you!

Graduate work
This is eligible for applicants who have completed 2 years of study in Australia. The Visa remains valid for not more than 18 months; with this subclass visa, you are guaranteed to travel in and outside Australia and stay with your family while the Visa is still valid.

Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored Provisional (Subclass 489) Visa

The points-based Visa is suitable for applicants who are skilled and are either nominated by a relative living in a designated in Australia or by the state. Unlike visa subclass 190, subclass 489 only lasts for 4 years upon its acquisition.

However, after working for two years you can apply for visa subclass regional 887 visa which gives you the chance to claim Australia Citizenship.

Skilled Regional (Subclass 887) Visa

To be eligible for this visa; you are required to provide either a provisional skilled designated subclass visa 496, independent regional subclass 495 or a bridging visa showing a valid application to visa subclass 495.

With the skilled-regional subclass 887, you are granted the opportunity to have full legal permanent residence in Australia- with no point requirement.

Every single visa subclasses give you the opportunity to accompany your family members and more- you get the opportunity to be an Australian Citizen. It is no surprise many applicants are choosing to be in Australia over other places. If only I were you!

Consult the Best Immigration Consultants of Delhi

Let’s involve little mathematics to explain the topic.

Delhi has a population density of more than 11,000 people per Km, sq. Do you find that number of people in your surroundings? If you do not, then there would be some other place with more than 11,000 people in a radius of 1km. At least this is how mathematics works.23 lakh apply for 368 peon post in UP. Just think about that. A staggering amount of candidates, some of them holding a Ph.D. Doesn’t all of this make you nauseous. Each and every occupation in Delhi is meeting with a similar ordeal. The high amount of competition mixed with lower wage rate is bringing people to their wit’s end.

In such a scenario, immigration consultants play a very imperative role. Countries like Canada, Australia etc. are witnessing a shortage of skilled workers. Canadian authorities are trying to ease the immigration process by working their fingers to the bone. The score for Comprehensive ranking system is going downhill and with this the number of ITAs (Invitation to Apply) are going uphill. John Mccallum has also hinted that the immigration criteria for international students are to be relaxed in the future.

This void of population in one country can be solved by the access in other. This certainly presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for people living in Delhi. Migrating to a country like Canada can open up a world of possibilities. Immigration consultants in Delhi can help you in identifying the best programs via which you can apply in order to gain permanent residency in the country of your dreams as soon as possible.

Radvision World Consultancy houses some of the best immigration consultants in Delhi who can bring down the house with their skills. They are experienced and have extensive knowledge on immigration to developed countries and visa services. They are well trained to handle the clients queries diligently. They also help in the documentation and designing resume for the clients. They can easily guide you through the process for:

  •        Skilled immigration
  •        Travel Visa
  •        Family migration
  •        Business Migration

With picturesque landscape and immense job opportunities, Canada is becoming one of the most coveted destinations for immigration. With the help of our immigration consultants in Delhi, achieving your dream will become as easy as pie. 

Germany Job Seeker Visa/Work Permit Reviews by Pratik Choudhary


Germany Job Seeker Visa/Work Permit Review by Pratik Choudhary – Watch this video to know what one of our happy customer Pratik Choudhary has to say about Germany work visa process. As a leading Germany immigration and visa consultant in India, we offer fast and reliable Germany job seeker visa processing and consulting services for India citizens. Pratik Choudhary is also a happy customer who is sharing his feedback on successful Germany job seeker visa processed by Radvision World Consultancy. Continue reading “Germany Job Seeker Visa/Work Permit Reviews by Pratik Choudhary”

Canada Permanent Resident (Express Entry) Visa Reviews by Akash Jana

Hello guys, here we are uploading another client testimonial video who has shared his feedback about Radvision World Consultancy Canada permanent resident visa. The candidate name Akash Jana applied for Canadian permanent residence through Express Entry and now he is expressing his reviews on the successful visa process under the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) of Canada. Radvision World team is thankful to Akash Jana who has given his valuable time for this short video review on Provincial Nominee Program that allows nominate immigrants for Canadian permanent residence every year. Watch this short video from one of our happy customers and contact us to find out if you are eligible to enter in Canada Express Entry pool. Continue reading “Canada Permanent Resident (Express Entry) Visa Reviews by Akash Jana”

UK Student Visa Interview Tips for Indians

uk interview tips

The United Kingdom houses highly prestigious institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, University of Edinburgh and many others. With advanced infrastructure and best educational facility, United Kingdom attracts a lot of international students. The United Kingdom is a favored destination for all students and International students need to apply for a tier 4 UK Student Visa before getting admitted to any institution.

For all the academic courses, UK Study Visa for the allotted time period of the course is mandatory. And, to attain this UK Study Visa one needs to go through the Visa interview. The interview is a crucial process where a student needs to answer concisely to achieve the UK Student Visa. The few Interview tips that a student needs to remember is as follows:

The top 5 questions that will be asked in the UK Home Office for tier 4 UK Student Visa are:

  • Visa Officers would love to know how you found the university. (Here, you have to give all the research you had done before choosing your preferred university. Your reasons should justify your choice of enrolling into the course of that university).
  • How will this course help you to shape up your future? (Talk about the prospect of your course, how is it going to bring a change to the society)
  • What pay package are you expecting after completion of this course? (Since you will be investing a lot for your course, the visa officials would like to know your return on investment of your course plan).
  • The visa officials can present the UK map in front of you and ask you to locate your university.
  • Where do you plan to stay during the study? (It is always advisable to book a student accommodation hostel or any place of stay with the university. This proves you have a genuine intention to go there and study and facilitates the process of UK Student Visa).

    Important points to remember for UK Study Visa Interview:

Continue reading “UK Student Visa Interview Tips for Indians”

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)  – The Easiest Province to Immigrate to Canada

Provincial Nominee Programs Canada

Provincial Nominee program is actually a kind of immigration program which makes it possible for any region or province around Canada to accept immigrants who might be appropriate for the labor market or the economy. There are various PNP programs available and anyone who would like to immigrate and settle down can do so by applying to the respective PNP programs. Each and every province has its own criteria and has a different set of requirements as well. This is why the process of application and the criteria keeps differing. However, each of this has their own kind of permanent residence program for their particular province.

Who is it for?

This PNP program is not similar to that of the Canada Immigration program. Based on the different PNP programs, there are some relaxations which might be applicable for an applicant. Hence, one would have the liberty to choose a province if they want to settle. There might not be any compulsion of a job offer. In case someone gets selected by a particular PNP program then he/she might be capable of applying further for permanent residency in Canada. Continue reading “Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)  – The Easiest Province to Immigrate to Canada”

US EB-5 Visa Program – Indians Can Enjoy a Number of Benefits

US EB-5 Visa Program

Many Indians seek to live and work in the United States. However, not so many get this rare opportunity for their economic growth. In many situations, the reason for the lack of the opportunity is related to the lack of knowledge of what one ought to do to get the acceptance into the US for their investments.

In this article, we disclose to you the EB-5 program that allows people who are interested in the American economy to live and invest in the US businesses for their advantages. Read on to learn why you need the EB-5 Visa.

What is EB-5 Program?

In 1990, the US Congress created the EB-5 Program that allows you to live and invest in America. The terms of the program give you the opportunity to obtain a US EB-5 Visa as an investor. USCIS is the body that governs this program. Continue reading “US EB-5 Visa Program – Indians Can Enjoy a Number of Benefits”

Canada Express Entry Visa Review by Monika

Looking to find out immigrant experiences about Radvision World Consultancy? Watch this video to hear what one of the happy customers “MONIKA” has to say about Canada immigration services offered by Radvision World Consultancy. She is a professional account manager specially enrolled with us for her Canada Express Entry visa last year. As a certified Canada immigration and visa consultant for Indians, we will recommend you to watch this video till the end to find her experience for Radvision World overseas immigration services.

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